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What is the difference between democracy and shura?

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Democracy is the product of the human mind and not from divine sources. It does not rely on divine revelation, nor has it any connection to any religion revealed by Allah to His Messengers.  Democracy emanated from the creed of separating religion from life and consequently separating religion from the state. In other words: secularism - a belief which is a total contradiction with the Islamic Aqeedah.  Democracy was established on two fundamental ideas:  1. sovereignty is for the people. Whereas in Islam the sovereignty to decide legislation - right and wrong - is with Allah.  2. people are the source of the authority. In Islam, the source of the authority is defined by the Quran and Sunnah.  Democracy is the rule of the majority and the selection of rulers and the members of parliament are decided by the majority of the voters. All decisions in a democracy are taken by the majority vote, according to the theoretical beliefs in democracy. In the case of Pakistan, as well as other, so-called democratic states around the world, in reality, democracy is plagued with corruption, bribery and non-ending scandals.  Shura, on the other hand, is referred to the process whereby the Khalifah carries out a consultation process on matters which require expert research, advice and recommendations. This is in the Mubah (permitted) areas of Islamic law and also in areas of detailed policy.  Some argue shura is a fundamental or core aspect of Islamic governance. If a system becomes Islamic on the basis of shura, then the Quraysh of Makkah at that time were also running a system on the basis of shura in their parliament "Dar al-Nadwah", then what was the need to give a new system? If all the decisions of the government are based on the shura itself, then what is the difference between the Islamic system and the Kufr system of Dar al-Nadwa?

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