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Is there a clash of perspectives between Muslims for revival?

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2 Answers
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Muslim A: The Umma of Muhammed (saw) is a noble Umma and she rejects Secular leadership because it is the root of her misery. Muslim B: This Umma lacks "basic decency" and is full of corruption. She can't even unite in a parking lot, let alone on moon sighting! She is to blame for everything, including the Secular rule... Show more >>

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I read a lot... I write a little..
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Dr Shadee al-Masry observes: "I'm suspicious about co-opting or entering into the secular activist frameworks of justice because while they may be correct at the micro level, they don't properly link back to the macro-narrative (that there is a God, Heaven and Hell). And any micro-action must properly be in tune with the macro... Show more >>

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