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Why have we left our deen?

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Why is that we don't know anything about our din? Why are we corrupt? Why are the politicians corrupt? Why we deal with riba? Why don't we lower our gaze when we see a woman? Why women especially are on an intellectual decline?
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In our respective countries, the so called educational system, does it teach you honesty?

Any single chapter that tells you about the virtues of being honest and speaking the truth?

Any single chapter that teaches us Islamic Politics?

No, a big NO!

If you want to learn dunya stay at schools and universities and if you want to learn your din go to Masajid or Madarssahs.

Why have we left our deen?

Why this separation?

An average kid spends kind of 12 hours directly or indirectly with this corrupt educational system, what else can you expect from this corrupt educational system that teaches you materialism and develops a capitalist mind.

You expect us not to deal with riba, has any country given us a true solution? They just change names from Insurance to Takkaful and say now it is interest free, man man man, millions of banks in our countries and companies take loans and you expect me to protect myself from riba?

Fornication, burglary and other crimes, they are a consequence of not the Umma going bad, but product of this corrupt system, when a person would find marriage more complicated and expensive and no laws against this practice, he will fornicate. You make marriage simple and enforce punishment against the fornicator, you yourself will see the difference. People steal, why do they? When their physiological (food, cloth, shelter) needs aren't going go be fulfilled, they will steal, this system has forced them to commit that crime, when there is so much inflation, what can you expect from a person that has a family? One just cries tears of blood, when we see people dying of hunger and our bloody puppet rulers are enjoying visits to America and etc.

Everything and everything comes from the system, when the system is corrupt no matter how religious you become and how comprehensively you study your din, you can never reach a level, people had when they were in a system that was in perfect reconciliation with their din.

And women, in this system woman can't go to mosques, there aren't any universities that teach both din and dunya, when they get married, all what they have is a television, how would they improve themselves when they are not even allowed in mosques, when there aren't any such programs in universities that culture them, all they have is a television at home.

Why would person do bad deeds? Why? They do bad deeds and most of them feel guilty as well, this system has made us that way. Just think and ponder that way, you will realize that every single thing has a relation with the system.

This system of democracy, this system of kufr in which man has the power to legislate, which is totally against Islam, as legislation belong to Allah alone. We have broken ourselves into 57 states, 57 nationalities, 57 armies. So strong we are collectively but these puppet rulers cannot liberate Palestine, cannot liberate Kashmir and many other occupied lands. They just condemn it. Nothing else.

All we need is a Caliphate, a system in which we are governed by the laws of Allah سبحانه وتعالى and history is evident that we only operate in this system. One Caliph, one flag, one ideology, one mission, one army. This Umma is referred to as Ummatun Wahida in the Holy Qur'an and now we physically need to manifest it as well. We need to do an intellectual-political struggle to re-unite

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