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How can we increase our belief and trust in Allah?

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Introduction: Trust in Allah is the main character of a true believer. It was a command from Allah to all His prophets and messengers. Attawakul is trusting Him in all aspects of our lives. It is also about being confident in the power of Allah azza wa jalla and entrusting all our concerns to Him.It is a synonym of strong faith on our part, it is the firm belief. And certainly, we must not forget that only Allah gives or deprives, that everything depends on His will! Allah says in His Holy Qur'an: "[...] Trust then in Allah, verily Allah loves those who trust Him." [Qur'an 3/159]


There are many things available to Muslims to place their trust in Allah.

Abstain from sins
Sins thwart this trust. We must take the right path so that Allah strengthens our sense of Attawakul.

Sins alienate the servant from Allah, as he loses his sense of weakness towards Him. He no longer feels the need for Allah in his life and forgets Allah's recommendation: "Forgive them, then, and place your trust in Allah. And Allah is sufficient as Protector." [S. 4, V. 81]

Accepting Allah's destiny
To accept fate is to believe deeply in the justice of Allah. When we do this and when we are convinced that everything is under His mercy, we achieve a certain or total tawakkul in Allah for some. Indeed, the degree of trust in the Almighty will also depend on our faith and state of mind.

He says in His Holy Qur'an: "Nothing will reach us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Protector. It is in Allah that the believers must put their trust!" [S. 9, V. 51]

One must do one's best
Absolute trust should not be confused with dependence. Placing one's trust in Allah (attawakul) implies a commitment on the part of the Muslim, i.e. that he or she is required to fulfil his or her responsibilities.

Whether it is daily tasks, personal or religious commitments or professional activities, we are all expected to place our trust in Allah. This does not mean that we should not do anything afterwards! On the contrary, we should make sure that we do these tasks properly, while trusting in the One who never dies. Allah will assist us and help us to overcome the difficult trials, be sure of it!

Allah azza wa jalla says: "O believers! Take precautions and go on expeditions in detachments or in masses." [S. 4, V. 71]. He also says: "Then when the Salat is over, disperse yourselves over the earth, and seek [some effect] of Allah's grace, and invoke Allah much that you may succeed!" [S. 62, V. 10]

In the same way, we should not believe that success is due to circumstances or people around us. We should always remember that it is Allah who creates opportunities for us to succeed. Trust in Allah and the factors of success are then closely related and do not conflict with each other.

In this sense, according to Ibn Mas'ûd, the Messenger of Allah Alayhi Salat wa Salam said: "He who is affected by need and turns to people to get out of it does not see the satisfaction of his need. But if he turns to Allah, Allah does not delay in granting him sustenance soon or in the future."

(al-Tirmidhî) We can see here how essential and primordial it is to place one's trust in Allah!

The magnificent example of Maryam 'Alayha Salam

This is the example of Maryam 'Alayha Salam, when Allah wanted to bring her food when she gave birth.

He directed her to the right way to do it, which was to first make the effort in order to get Allah's help: "Shake the trunk of the palm tree towards you: it will bring down on you fresh and ripe dates." [S. 19, V. 25]

She, 'Alayha Salam, placed her tawakkul in Allah, but she still had to make an effort to grasp Allah's gifts! Through this story, Allah shows us how important it is for the Muslim not to be idle. Trusting in Allah is one thing and acting upon it cannot be done without trust!

Knowing the merits of attawakul

​​​​​​One does not love or learn something without knowing it. Thus, in order to achieve firm trust in Allah, we need to learn about the merits of attawakul.

Relying on Allah entitles us to His Ridha (satisfaction) as well as His love:

Allah says: "[...] And consult them about matters; then when you have made up your mind, entrust yourself to Allah, verily Allah loves those who trust Him." [S. 3, V. 159]

A promise from Allah:
Allah azza wa jalla says: "And as for those who believe and do good deeds, surely We will install them upstairs in the Paradise under which the streams flow, to dwell therein forever. How beautiful is the reward of those who do good and endure, and put their trust in their Lord!" [S. 29, V. 58-59]

Relying on Allah while making efforts not only relieves us and makes life easier, but also improves our financial situation:

'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah Alayhi Salat wa Salam say, 'If you would rely on Allah as it is proper to rely on Him, He will provide you with your sustenance as He provides the birds that leave their nest in the morning with empty stomachs and return in the evening with full stomachs.'" (Al-Tirmidhi)

The meaning of "rely on Allah" here is to trust in Allah.

The messengers and prophets: the best examples
The best examples given to us by Allah are the prophets and messengers.

The Hegira of Mohammad Aleyhi Salat wa Salam in Madina

The Prophet Mohammad Aleyhi Salat wa Salam relied totally on Allah when he travelled from Makkah to Madinah with Abu Bakr. Some enemies of Quraysh were pursuing them. Yet, even when they were about to find them, the Prophet Alayhi Salat wa Salam did not lose trust in Allah!

According to Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), "I said to the Prophet Aleyhi Salat wa Salam while we were in the cave, 'If any of them looked under his feet, he would see us. Then the Prophet Aleyhi Salat wa Salam said, "What do you think O Abu Bakr of two people of whom Allah is the third?" [Bukhari and Muslim] That is, they were not alone, that Allah would accompany them. The Prophet Alayhi Salat wa Salam therefore placed his full trust in Him.
Allah azza wa jalla tells us about this moment in His Word: "If you do not help him, Allah certainly helped him when the disbelievers took him out. He was the second of the two when they were in the cave and he said to his companion, "Do not be sad, surely Allah is with us!" [S.9, V. 40]

Prophet Musa Alayhi Salam

When Musa Alayhi Salam found himself in a difficult situation and fear imprisoned his companions, he trusted in Allah. He was not inundated with any doubt and was certain that Allah would save them.

Allah records this situation in His Holy Qur'an: "When the sun rose, they pursued them. Then, when the two parties saw each other, Musa's companions said, "We shall be joined." He said, "Never, for I have with me my Lord who will guide me!" [S. 26, V. 60-62]

In conclusion
Attawakul is the criterion that determines the strength of faith in Allah. Indeed, 'Al-Mutawakkil' was one of the names of the Prophet Alayhi Salat wa Salam. He was known for his great patience, his absolute trust in his Lord and his acceptance of Allah's destiny.

Allah says: "Indeed, you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent model [to follow], for whoever hopes in Allah and the Last Day and invokes Allah frequently." [S. 33, V. 21]

We should therefore learn to follow the example of our Prophet Alayhi Salat wa Salam and practice attawakul in all his concerns. Trust in Allah is the secret that creates our strength and helps us to accept Allah's destiny with faith. It is what also helps us to overcome hardships and experience the joy of success and patience.

Let us do this in the smallest details of our daily lives, and we will know how to do it in our greatest concerns in a pleasantly spontaneous way! Let's make our children grow up in this atmosphere... We will have a generation that is faithful and believing as well as determined and strong, insha'Allah!

Verses from the Qur'an cited in the development: [Qur'an 3/159]
hadiths reported by the companions and Muslim scholars.

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