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How to bring about societal change in the Muslim world?

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There are three primary obstacles that stand in our way in any land where we work to re-establish the khilafah:

- The beliefs of the people regarding their laws and way of life
- The loyalty of the people to the current regime
- The loyalty of the people of power (usually the military) to the current regime and system

In order to change any society, these three things must be corrected.

And in order to achieve any of the above three objectives, we first require people capable of doing so. Therefore, we require a group to carry the da'wa and we require the members of this group to be put through a culturing process that enables them to carry the da'wa to fix the above three issues.

Once the group is set up and the members are cultured to carry the ideas, then the group must go out and discuss with the masses, both on an individual level as well as on a societal level, addressing:

- The beliefs and convictions of the people regarding their laws and their way of life (beliefs such as freedom, democracy, nationalism, secularism, good, evil, Halal, Haram, etc)

- The loyalties of the people towards the current regime, removing any loyalty the Umma might have towards rulers that implement Kufr (such as people defending Erdogan, AAl Sa'ud, Yasir Arafat, Jamal Abdul-Nasser, etc)

- The members of the military and the people of power, remembering that these people are just regular people from the Umma and will be affected - to varying extents - by the same public opinion that affects the rest of the Umma in that land.

Once these three things are corrected, the people will:
1) demand Islam as their laws and way of life,
2) demand rulers that only implement Islam and reject anyone who implements Kufr laws and
3) the military will lose its faith in the system and be willing to support the call for the khilafah.

Each of these above three objectives, as well as the forming of the group and culturing of the members of the group, are taken from the actions of Rasul Allah (saw) in Makkah, which are Wahy from Allah (swt). This is a hukm from Allah (swt) and not just a logical assessment.

Therefore, regardless of whether we are talking about Turkey or Egypt or Saudi or anywhere else, this is the method of Islam, designed by Allah (swt), for change. It is entirely forbidden to take power in a Kufr government, implement Kufr laws, ally with the Kuffar and then think that will lead to Allah (swt) honouring us with his Nasr and the re-establishment of the khilafah.

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