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What can we learn from ex-Muslims?

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We don't go to ex-Christians to study Christianity, nor to ex-Jews to study Judaism, nor to ex-Hindus to study Hinduism, nor to ex-Buddhists to study Buddhism, nor to ex-anything to study anything.

No, we go to academics and scholars of those religions, lifeways or ideologies to study them. After that, we form our opinions on the subjects we are researching.

Why is that the case? Because that's what people with integrity do. However, if you go to ex-Muslims exclusively to study Islam, then it is clear you have no intention of learning about Islam, rather, you've already made up your mind and you just need some support for your opinion.

The only things one can understand from an ex-Muslim is their personal journey of being a Muslim living in secular societies where faith is highly distorted, their anecdotal experiences of such a way of life, the issues they faced and why they moved on.

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