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When can you do takfeer (ex-communication) on a Muslim?

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As a general rule of Shari'a one has to differentiate between kufr types: نوع and the actual تعيين to place the hukm ruling of takfeer on a particular Muslim individual.   An individual ruling of takfeer on a person needs to have  رفع الموانع and إقامة الحجة   The lifting of hindrances and the establishment of hujja.  Some of the known hindrances to a ruling of kufr being placed on an individual are الخطأ النسيان التؤيل الجهل  i.e., a kufr action out of ignorance, mistake, false interpretation, forgetfulness - all those are hindrances that block the ruling of kufr upon an individual.  So when they are lifted and the conditions established then and only then can a hukm of an individual being kafir be made.

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