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Why do some Muslims mix Islam with politics when Islam is a personal matter?

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2 Answers
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I was once told, " Islam is not a system as modern muslim ideologists want it to have. Islam is also not a subject - Islam is a stance towards God I.e. the manner of surrendering." I agreed that Islam was a stance or orientation towards god and cannot be reduced to some mechanistic system. That was common ground. However... Show more >>

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A student. Took Islamiat and History as subjects, and greatly interested in Islamic and Indo-Pak history.
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Today the world's Muslim population exceeds over 1.8 billion. That's a huge number. A Muslim, may he be a staunch follower of Islam or not, he doesn't compromise over the integrity of the principles laid down by Islam. This means that as opposed to other disciplines, Muslims are pressed under religious pressure to follow a rule... Show more >>

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