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Why is there a global conflict with Muslims and Islam?

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Islam is in the media, the news, on television and a plethora of conversations on the web. Why has it suddenly become such a big issue?
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In a Nutshell:
The oppressed across the Muslim world are increasingly resisting Western neocolonialism. Independence was little more than a mirage. Rallying behind various ideologies over the decades, each having failed, all increasingly see their salvation in Islam. Each act of resistance is labelled terrorism or extremism by their oppressors. The cause of global conflict is oppression.

Confused by the global conflict with Islam? Need a story to tie it all together?

It is all quite simple - European colonisation committed ongoing genocides and violence in the Americas, Africa, India, Australasia and Asia since the 15th century for resources, markets, profits.

The natives resisted but were usually brutally crushed without mercy. Propaganda became a Goebelesque tool of war - remember the native Indians portrayed in the movies as savages?

Post World War 1 saw the West enter the Middle East after tearing apart the Ottoman Caliphate and begin to do the same with Muslims there - oil, gas, trade routes, creation of Israel... Muslims became impoverished, oppressed, living miserable lives under humiliation, with tyrant regimes imposed on them...

The oppressed resisted, rallying behind various ideologies over the decades. Each act of resistance was labelled terrorism or extremism by their oppressors, depending on whether it was physical or intellectual.

It's worth having a glance at authors like Howard Zinn, Frantz Fanon, Davind Stannard, Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Taqi al-Din Nabhani, Khomeini, Syed Qutb, Vali Nasr, Paulo Freire et al who have written extensively on these topics from historic, sociological, political and cultural perspectives.


Post 9/11 the oppressed are increasingly uniting behind Islam to liberate their lands and it's become a major problem for their oppressors - that's why elites don't speak of causes, just the rhetoric of extremism and terrorism.

The cause is oppression.

That's what's actually is going on.

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