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Why does God allow there to be evil?

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3 Answers
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In a Nutshell:
The Islamic position is extremely empowering. All forms of suffering and hardship are viewed as divinely ordained tests. Life is created to serve God through choice, one with eternal consequences. Tests are an inevitable part of determining who receives what consequences.
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The "Problem of Evil" is a problem for atheists, not believers. Atheists have to explain how murderers and tyrants can get away with all their crimes while living comfortable lives without facing any consequences for their crimes. As for how God could allow suffering and pain in this world despite his power, this is easy... Show more >>

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Islamic researcher, graduated from Al-Azhar University, Islamic Studies in the English language. I also studied at Temple University in the US.
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In a Nutshell:
The problem of evil can only be understood within the context of the purpose of our existence. This life is a transitional stage to an eternal afterlife. Our world is not some best possible world, but rather a place for a test with events forming the questions we are required to address. When encountering evil, we should see it with this in mind. There is no harm in seeking to understand God's wisdom when considering evil, however we should exhibit humility given the limited capacity of our minds.
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