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What is the Hanafi opinion about wearing plain red garments?

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And do they have an opinion about red head coverings as some ahadith seem to permit these as companions wore them.
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Islamic law does not prohibit the wearing of specific colours. Islamic jurists (fuqaha) thus agree, "There is no objection in any colour of clothing" (al-Durr al-Mukhtar).  The Hanafi position however on men wearing red or yellow/orange (safflower/saffron) garments is it forbidden (makrooh tahreemi) despite Abu Hanifa permitting red garments. In Durr al-Muhtar with Hashiya ibn Abidin "“There is no problem in all the colours for men, except those dyed with saffron." The evidence cited comprises several ahadith such as the following:  Amr bin Shuaib on his father's authority told that his grandfather said, "We came down with the Prophet (saw) from a valley. He turned his attention to me and I was wearing a garment dyed with a reddish-yellow dye. He asked, "What is this garment over you?" I recognized what he disliked. I then came to my family who were burning their oven. I threw the garment in it and came to him the next day. He asked, "Abd Allah, what have you done with the garment?" I informed him about it. He said, "Why did you not give it to one of your family to wear, for there is no harm in it for women." (Abu Dawud)  Interestingly, if the garment is plain red and with other colours, the Hanafi jurists had differing opinions. The accepted view is it is disliked but best avoided (makrooh tanzeehi).  Wearing a head covering such as a red turban or cap is permitted according to all the jurists.  With regards to Bukhari's narration that the Prophet (saw) wore red garments:  Bara’a reports the Prophet (saw) was of medium build. "I saw him once in a red garment and have never seen anything beautiful than him.”" (Bukhari)  and Abu Dawud's narration of similar content:  On the authority of Amir (R.A.) says "I saw the Prophet (saw) at Mina giving a sermon on a mule and wearing a red garment" (Abu Dawud)  multiple opinions emerged from the jurists. Most have regarded wearing of red garments by men as permissible including jurists of the Maliki, Shafi'i and other schools (Fath al-Bari, Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi).  The Hanafi jurists however understood the hadith to be referring to a multi-coloured garment worn by the Prophet(saw) containing red and other coloured lines - not a plain red garment.

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