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What are Islamiqate's guidelines for answers?

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Answer policies

Answers should be helpful for people who are interested in the question.

Answers challenging premises in the question are allowed as are answers that are humousour and importantly helpful.

Answers taking content from other sources should blockquote or reference such content.

Images and video can help make answers helpful, however avoid meme and sexually provocative images and if you are using images only, add captions to explain their relevance or how they answer the question.

Comments about questions or other answers should appear in comment sections and not as new answers.

Answers that cannot be understood without going to an external site may be considered spam.

Self-promotion is allowed as part of a helpful and direct answer to the question otherwise it may be considered spam.

Answers promoting products or services must include details of affiliations. Affiliate links are not permitted.

Answers must adhere to the Be Respectful policy, avoiding personal attacks, insults or hate speech. Answers advocating harmful actions are not allowed.

Answers should be written in English with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Answer guidelines

Answers should be truthful and authentic citing sources for information where relevant so that it is verifiable.

Answers should provide a clear meaningful explanation, supported with reasoning, with good answers explaining why or how they answer the question.

Non-obvious answers are helpful if they acknowledge conventional wisdom before presenting a new perspective.

Upvote existing answers instead of posting duplicates or add comments to existing comments. Don't forget to upvote helpful questions too.

Personal messages should be sent to authors as private message and not posted as answers or comments.

Well-formatted, clear and well-written answers are more likely to be read, understood and upvoted.

Improve readability through the use of paragraphs, headings and subheadings to break up large blocks of text and styling via bullet pointing and blockquotes, with bold, italics and underline for emphasis.

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