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What are Islamiqate's guidelines for questions?

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Question Policies

The goal for question pages is that they provide the best resource for anyone looking for answers to that question. Questions should try to gain reusable information that will benefit others too who are asking the same question.

Questions should try to obtain information, not argue a point, make a statement, or promote a business or service. Questions should try to be as open-ended as possible.

Questions should be clearly written

You should use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, comprise complete sentences and end in a question mark with enough information so meaningful answers can be posted. They should be specific and clear as to how answers can meet their expectations.

Questions should also be concise, using the augmentation field to add additional context and elaboration. Questions should not be longer than a couple of sentences and are limited to 120 characters maximum. You should only ask one question at a time.

Questions should adhere to our website policies

All content should be in English.

Questions about individuals or organisations that are hurtful, mean-spirited or derogatory aren't allowed and will usually be removed.

Questions can be edited or deleted by the person who asked them as well as moderators if they contravene policies.

A question can be merged into another question if they are duplicates. The question with the simplest phrasing and most commonly asked should remain.

Augmented question detail should be used to provide context for a question

Augmented question details field allows for the provision of background information and context. The question should be clear from its title, as this is displayed elsewhere on the site.

The augmented details field should not contain answers or arguments as the questioner can answer their own question.

Question Guidelines

Questions are stronger if they are phrased neutrally, ask for information and ask why, minimising assumptions.

Good questions are as open-ended as possible and potentially leading to more informative and direct responses.

Questions about anything you are curious about are encouraged even those answerable by search engines.

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