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The Ottomans invaded Morocco (المغرب) multiple times and they were also allies of various Moroccan Dynasties too.  Rival dynasties in Morocco in the 16th Century competed with the pro-Ottoman Saadians dynasty in the south and the Fez (فَاسْ) based Wattassid dynasty in the north. A series of wars were fought between the dynasties for control of the region culminating in the battle of Battle of Ksar El Kebir(القََصْرُالكَبِيرْ) where the Ottoman backed forces defeated the Northern Army backed by Portugal at the time.  Although the Ottomans contributed to the final establishment of a stable Moroccan rule, Morocco was never nominally a part of the Ottoman Empire and remained independent. As the Ottoman Empire dominated Northern Africa, Morocco was the exception to that domination.  The neighbors continued peaceful relations with the Ottomans until its fall.

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