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What is your opinion about the apolitical stance of Deobandi scholars?

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Its a basic that Islam in its comprehensive form, as a civilization, a way of life, was destroyed in 1924 after WW1 and what happened next was the division of the Muslim world into ineffective weak nation states ruled by Muslim sounding rulers whose strings were attached to Moscow, Washington and London. Islam was removed from public life and relegated to the peripheries, the masajid and madaris, personal morality and beliefs.

Only a few scholars like Mawdudi, Nabhani, Qutb, Iqbal, Ali Mian (May Allah have mercy on them) and some others understood this new reality the Muslim ummah faced. The genius of a scholar is in understanding realities deeply and comprehensively, proposing solutions accordingly.

I would argue that none of the later Deobandi scholars accurately understood the cause of the imbroglio we find ourselves in and failed to provide any vision to the ummah. I am not saying they are useless or have not contributed in any way - I am pointing out the futility of suffering silently or prescribing paracetamol for a malignant tumour.

The Deoband should have recognized that Mawdudi was looking 100 years ahead of them and should have allowed him to lead the ummah while disagreeing with him and criticising him in a reasonable manner.

As for Mufti Taqi's contribution to Islamic Finance, may Allah reward him for his efforts, but we need to understand that we are in need of systemic solutions not pieces of patchwork, "lipstick on a pig" . The capitalistic ideology that is wreaking havoc has to be uprooted and replaced by Islam for justice to prevail in the world.

This is the reality. And Allah knows best.

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