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What is your opinion about the Queer Muslims Project?

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In a Nutshell:
When you read through the profiles at The Queer Muslim Project, you begin to notice one thing standing out very quickly and that's the centrality of the self in all these people's narratives.

What's it about?

The Queer Muslim Project is meant to be about bringing together those from an LGBTQ background on one platform to tell their stories.

It however seems to be more about:

  • discovering your self,
  • knowing your self,
  • accepting your self,
  • loving your self,
  • coming to terms with your self,
  • enjoying your self,
  • having faith in your self,
  • finding the real self,
  • being at peace with your self,
  • seeking your self,
  • embracing your self,
  • living with your self,
  • expressing your self

Have I missed anything?

This isn't just about following one's desires. If you look closely there's a distinct philosophy of life at play here! Nothing can be allowed to come before you and your self is the truth to live by according to these people.

This makes me wonder to what extent is the gay "craze" really at heart about man's idolatry of the self?


The self is the new idol - nowhere more worshipped and adored today than in western societies. Therefore it's not at all a coincidence that western societies have become the nesting place of this moral derangement.

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