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How was the sahabah's Ramadan different to today's Ramadan culture?

I heard the sahabah used to make dua to Allah (SWT) to accept their ramadan for 6 months after it ended.

So what did the sahabah do during ramadan? How did they approach it and treat it compared to today's approach from the Ummah?

Today, it's basically a race; complete the whole Qur'an, complete 8 or 20 rakat taraweeh, etc. Granted, many rewards come from this but do they actually benefit the way the sahabah benefitted?

What did the sahabah actually do during Ramadan; how was it different to today?

I heard they used to learn 10 ayah of the Qur'an, but before learning the next 10, they'd learn what the ayat was about, understood it, and implemented it themselves, then moved on to the next 10... so their Ramadan activities (its quality, not quantity) should be the one we should be following.
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