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How do the Meccan and Medinan phases differ in the Messenger's seerah?

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A common divide sees the Meccan and Medinan periods categorised by surahs to suggest the Meccan era was concerned with tawheed and worships and the Medinan period was concerned with details of law.

That seems to distort more than it reveals - it can be quite easily show the Meccan era was not concerned with solely tawheed or worships - here and here.

A close reading of the verses and the seerah timeline suggest the Meccan period was primarily concerned with a call to nations to reorganise the social order based on a new collective worldview that was transcendentally unitary in nature - ie a call to Islam.

Medina illustrates what happens when a nation accepts this call, what changes emerge - ie Islam becomes visible and a new call to Islam commences.

The initial call to Islam begins, manifests itself in a political community and fluidly calls other nations to Islam and the process repeats until mankind are liberated.

The only difference with the initial phase is that with power, Islam is visible for mankind to see and supported by military force to remove any obstacles and impediments.

Quran and seerah in a nutshell.

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