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Which relations are not allowed to marry in Islam?

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Assalam o alaikum!

There are three types of relationships forbidden to marry by Islam.

1) Blood Relationships : This means you cannot marry your direct family (parents, offsprings, siblings etc) or what precedes them and what is born from them.

*You cannot marry your parent's siblings but you can marry their offsprings.

*Adopted children are deemed marriageable by Islam once they come to age.

2) Relationships Formed by Breastfeeding : This means that the woman who breastfeeded you is the same as your mother. You cannot marry her blood relations/husband.

You cannot marry someone who was breastfeeded by the same woman, as they are now your brother/sister. Though you can marry their siblings if they haven't shared the same milk.

3) By Marriage : One cannot marry their son's wife (or daughter's husband). Also the wife's direct family gets forbidden for the husband. (i.e her sister, mother, aunt).

Keeping in mind that you cannot marry two sisters at the same time except after divorcing or death of the first one. But the mother remains forbidden.

Keep in mind that the relationships forbidden are also the one you dont have to do hijab from...

Hope this helps. I apologise if i forgot something

والله اعلم بالصواب

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