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What are prohibited degree of relations to marry in Islam?

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The question is  a bit unclear, however, I will try to answer my best.  There are two ways I can assume what you are trying to ask. I will answer both.  1. What relations are prohibited except marrige?  You are strictly not allowed to have any relationships that can cause a sexual intercourse between you and the person you are talking to except your wife. You are not allowed to have a 'girlfriend'. You are not allowed to even touch a girl (with a few exceptions that are going to be listed below) or even talk to her if there is a chance that the talk will not remain a 'talk', it will grow into something bigger.  You can only touch, talk openly and have sexual intercourse with your wife. Period.  2. Who are you not allowed to marry?  You are not allowed to marry your sister, mother and a woman of any other religion except Christanity and Jewism. You can have normal talks with your mother, sister, your female cousins i.e., daughters of your mother's brothers, daughters of your father's brothers etc. Other than them, you are strictly not allowed to talk to or touch any girl in order to preserve their dignity and respect and yours.

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