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How many rakats are there in surat al-fatihah?

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4 Answers
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Rakats (bowing) appear in prayers (salat), not in surahs of the Qur'an.  So the answer to the question in this case would be none.

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This is a question meant to be given to people who claim to be ex-Muslims to test to see their level of knowledge in order to try and "expose" them because Google incorrectly shows 2. The answer is none.

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Considering taking all the consensus of scholars they are 2 But laymen can differ between More, Far More OR None And all that's based on different madhabs they are in so each one will say i have the right answer based on different resources or others will say this question should not exist in my opinion and give his own... Show more >>

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There's no 1 right answer. Do as many or as few as you feel you need at the time, as long as you have imaan you'll find your way.

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