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Do parents matter in the upbringing of a child?

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Parents contribute to the upbringing of their children as does society. However history shows there's another element at work.  From the home of Adam came a murderer, not just any murderer but one who murdered his own blood brother out of jealousy.  From the home of Lut came a woman who betrayed her husband and incited the people of the town towards the despicable act of sodomy.  From the home of Nuh, a nabi of Allah who made da'wah for almost a thousand years came a child who refused to board the ark and who drowned as a disbeliever in front of his eyes.  Yet from the home of Azar, who was not only an idol worshipper but an idol carver and merchant who never in his life took the name of Allah, came Ibraheem.  And from the home of Firaun, the one who claimed that He is Allah himself, came Musa alayhi salaam who preached nothing but the oneness of Allah.  How then can anyone then claim that the outcome of their family and children is based on their own merit?  How can people then look down upon parents who have lost their children to the fitnas of the time, citing their negligence?  How then can anyone believe that guidance is in the hands of anyone but Allah?

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