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What really happened in Fallujah in Iraq?

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While it is true that what happened in Fallujah during the invasion of Iraq is old news, but this is a video I had not come across until recently (short version):

And here is the full length video (almost 40min) of the raw footage of what the journalist recorded:

It's painful to watch, but it's really eye opening and offers many lessons about how the non-Muslims approach war compared to how Muslims do.

If you listen carefully to the second video, you will really gain insight into their motivations. Why are they there? To protect their country and family. Why do they keep killing everyone they see? Because they killed "our guys."

So, their drive is primarily ignorance of the reality and their day-to-day fuel is revenge. They swear profusely and hate being there. They want to go home and ride their motorcycle and have fun.

When they do go home, after they have killed countless civilians and unarmed men and crossed many moral lines, they finally have to stop and think about what they did. They don't have their drill sergeant screaming in their ear or explosions to drown out their conscience or reason, no, they are alone with their thoughts and the implications of what they have done.

They go insane. They give it a pretty name like PTSD, but it is little more than them finally realizing what they have done and the crimes they have committed. There were no WMDs. Iraq never posed a threat to the USA. So why were they there? They never stopped to ask this question deeply. When the realize that it was to gain control of Iraqi oil and when they realize that those Iraqi people they killed were simply defending their home and families, this is when everything comes crashing down and they have a mental breakdown.

The human mind is not designed to be immoral, nor is it designed to live in a bubble of denial. When someone commits crimes like this without being a clinical psychopath, the mind collapses.

This kid in the video killed himself by overdosing on painkillers, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants, as detailed in this article that describes what he went through after returning from Iraq:


Compare this to Muslims who fight for the sake of Allah (swt), such as the Palestinians who defend their land from invasion or the Syrians who fight to protect their families from Bashar's rapists. They do not suffer the same trauma. Their minds return often stronger and healthier than when they first started fighting.

It's such an interesting phenomenon. When the mind knows that what it is doing is just and good through clear thinking, deep analysis based on verified facts and a strong rational Aqeeda, it can deal with even the worst trauma this world has to offer. But those without this clarity fall into despair, depression and often succumb to suicidal thoughts.

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