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Is Islam going through the same phase as it went through at the time of the Prophet Muhammed (saw)?

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1. Islam was labeled as (Asateerul Awwalin-Tales of Old) || Today it is labeled "Backward, Obsolete and Days of Camel".

2. They created an atmosphere of fear saying it is against our forefathers, they mocked of it as from Allah || Today again they are mocking religion as whole and its values of marriage, blasphemy, women backwardness creating Islamophobia.

3. They terrorized Muslims, banned their practices of salat, Recital etc || Today they banned veil, salat, fasting, marriage, conversion etc.

4. Weak were imprisoned, tortured, martyrs like Sumaiya r.a. || Today examples of Abu Ghareb, Guantanamo, extra judicial Drones, Arrests, Killings and situations like Afiya Siddiqui

5. Masses were forced to leave their house as Shobe Abi Talib refugees || Today Refugee of Burma, Syria, CAR, Afghan, Iraq etc is mainly because they believe in Allah

6. Many Muslims were forced to Migrate today || Anti Immigration of Europe and forced migration in Burma, China and Africa etc reminds of Makkah.

This all boiled down to creation of Islamic state in Madina and the eventual victory over Makkah and embrace of thus So called hateful ideology.... if you followed the events since start... Its easy to predict what path Islam is treading to... As some one said, Truth is first opposed, then criticized and ultimately embraced.

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