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Are there any kufr laws (non-Islamic laws) implemented by Saudi Arabia?

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Some seem to be a bit confused about whether or not Saudi Arabia implements laws that are from Kufr man-made sources. Some claim Saudi Arabia only implements Islamic law.

Below is a short list of just a few of the Kufr laws that it implements (not including the fact that they help others invade Muslim lands, steal resources and kill millions):
1- The Law of Saudi Arabian citizenship decided by the ministers Council resolution # 4 on 25th January 1974 and approved by the king in his speech in High Council # 8/5/8604 on 22nd February 1974 to put it in effect.
2- The Law of Printed Material and Publication issued by the king's edict # M/17 in 13/4/1402 AH (1981).
3- The law of reviving the dead land was once set according to Islam, where if a person works on a dead piece of land and revives, that land becomes his, as mentioned in the Ahadith. This was until an edict was issued declaring the nullification of this Islamic law starting from 1987 onward.
4- The laws and regulations related to Saudi men marrying non-Saudi women and Saudi women marrying non-Saudi men.
5- The General Rule for Taxes, approved by the king's edict # M/9, on 4/6/1395 AH (1975).
6- The Saudi Riyal is a fiat currency tied to the US dollar, legislated based on man-made law and has nothing to do with the Islamic gold and silver standard.
7- The Arab Monetary Fund, based in Abu Dhabi, is a huge Riba institution that was established by an agreement on 4/7/1976 in Morocco. Saudi is the biggest share holder in it; it receives, as every one else in the Fund, Riba of an average of 3.2% on its shares.
8- Saudi has the 6th largest share and power of rate in the IMF - one of the largest Riba institutions on earth. They have 3.5% of the total IMF shares, which enables them to occupy a permanent seat on the executive board.
9- UNESCO was formed in 1946 and Saudi lent it $4.6 million initially, interest free and later donated $17,040,000 in support of its projects. UNESCO is an organisation that is designed to propagate Western ideas and distort Islam. For example, in the "encyclopaedia on the History of the Human Race and its Scientific Development," issued by UNESCO, in volume 3 chapter 10, it states:
- Islam is a fabricated religion that is composed of Judaism, Christianity and Arabian Polytheism .
- Qur'an is a book that has no tolerance to others.
- The Prophet's traditions where made up by some people, a long time after the prophet and attributed to him.
- Muslim Jurists put down their jurisprudence based on the Roman, Persian and Church laws as well as the Old Testament..."
10- Saudi is not only a member of the nationalistic organisation called the Arab League, but it is one of its founders. Article 8 of the Arab League Constitution states:
"Every participating member of the League must respect the established ruling system of the other participating states in the League; it should consider it as a right of these states and obligate itself not to do any action that is aimed at changing their systems."
11- Oil fields are a massive public resource and a natural fuel, which Rasul Allah (saw) clearly reserved as public property and forbade it from being held as private property, as in the Hadith الناس شركاء في ثلاث الماء والكلأ والنار "The people (public) are partners in three: water sources, green pastures and fire sources (fuel)" [Ahmed]. And Saudi has privatized nearly all the oil of the land (this is aside from the fact that they have allowed the West to dominate its production and strategic influence).

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