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What things are needed for a successful 'revolution' in Muslim countries?

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Three things are needed for a successful 'revolution':
1. A strong public opinion for Islam - built around core Islamic principles such as unity, divine law and justice.
2. Support from the powerful factions of society, community leaders, movements and military officers with chain of command. This support should reflect the public sentiments built around Islam.
3. A leading vanguard movement that has clarity on the society it is seeking to establish to replace the current regime. Not only should they know what they want to establish but how it will function once it is established. This organisation should have sufficient leadership amongst the people that it can mobilise the opinion and sentiments in society directing it towards political change.

If then we use the above three criteria to judge the Arab spring that began in 2010 it isn't surprising that we never saw a fundamental change.

What we did see however is the demonstration of how ordinary members of society can have a fundamental affect on the regime. If these mass demonstrations were linked to the above three points then we'd have seen a real and permanent change.

And if we want to be part of this change then this is what we have to work towards.

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