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Do you know why a female companion of the prophet is buried in Cyprus?

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Do you know why a female companion of the prophet is buried in Cyprus?

Umm Haram bint Milhan (ra) was one of the maternal aunts of the Prophet (saw). He regularly used to visit her, occasionally taking a nap in her home. One day, whilst visiting her she gave some food to him and groomed his hair. He fell asleep and woke up smiling a short while later. Umm Haram asked,
"What makes you smile Messenger of Allah?"
He replied, "I saw some of my umma in my dream fighting in the way of Allah, sailing in the oceans like kings on the thrones."
I said, "Messenger of Allah, ask Allah that he make me one of them."
So, the Prophet (saw) prayed for her and then slept. He again woke up smiling. I asked, "What makes you smile Messenger of Allah?"
He said the same as before.
I said, "Messenger of Allah! Ask Allah he make me one of them."
He said, "You will be among the first ones." (Bukhari)

Some years after the Prophet's (saw) death Islam expanded to Syria. Muawiya (ra) was the governor of Syria at the time. He was facing repeated Byzantine attacks on his coastline; Cyprus being used as a launch point. He then sought permission from Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra), the second caliph of Islam, to initiate a naval attack against Cyprus. Umar (ra) refused permission due to their inexperience in naval warfare.

When Uthman (ra) subsequently became the caliph, Muawiya (ra) persuaded him of the necessity in subduing Cyprus and the Byzantine threat. Muawiya (ra) then prepared a fleet with Ubadah bin Samit (ra) in command of the first Muslim navy. This was to become the first of many Muslim naval attacks in the history of Islam.

Umm Haram was Ubadah bin Samit's wife. She volunteered to go with him fulfilling the prophet's prayer.

Do you know why a female companion of the prophet is buried in Cyprus?

Defeating the island's defenders, their ships landed successfully. As the Muslims disembarked, Umm Haram's horse reared violently throwing her onto the ground. As a result of her injuries she passed away fee sabeelillah. The Cypriots went on to agree peace with the Muslims and signed a treaty.

Umm Haram was buried at the spot where she fell. Today a mosque stands next to her grave, built in her honour by the Ottomans.

Do you know why a female companion of the prophet is buried in Cyprus?

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