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What made you come to Islam from Hinduism?

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I thought this account from a revert was quite moving.

When my father's dead body was set on fire at the cremation. the nerves of his limbs became taut instantly and his dead body stood up. Then a man started beating his body with a stick to make it lay down. The force of the beating allowed us to hear the bones crack.

A while later my mother died. When my brother lit her face with fire her clothes caught fire and burnt to ashes. Her body then lay exposed to onlookers. Throughout her entire life no one ever saw any part of my mother's body, even her face. Despite being a Hindu the scene was unbearable for me.

Muslims however treat the dead bodies of their loved ones with such love and respect. They bathe them with care, shroud them with a new cloth, lowering them gently into the grave.

Even then they don't throw earth directly onto the body. The body is first covered with bamboos or slabs and then it is covered.

I became a Muslim from seeing these two approaches.

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