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What objections do you have against Hinduism?

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Which religion created Norbali (ritual killing of human) tradition? Is there such a horrible practice in Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity? No, there isn't. Such heinous practices you will find only in Hinduism created and run by the Brahmin caste.  In What religion does have a practice that a newly wedded bride has to spend three nights with a Brahmin before spending with her husband? This rule was also in Hinduism. Such a horrible rule has been going on for thousands of years. Finally, the British rule stopped it by law.  In Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, is there or was there ever a practice called sati-immolation? No, it wasn't. This practice of burning sati (recent widow) with her husband’s pyre was only in Hindu religion.  According to an Indian statistics report, unlimited polygamy is more common among Hindus than among Muslims. This practice of polygamy is also a part of Hindu culture; Not borrowed from other religions. (Polyandry is also common in some Hindu tribes).  Ask ten Muslim boys, who your Lord is. They will all give one answer, Allah. Make ten Hindu boys stand up and ask, who your Lord is. They will not answer the same. Some will say God, some will say Bhagwan, some will say Rama, some will say Shri Krishna, and some will say Durga.  If you ask these Muslim boys again, "what is the name of your scriptures"? Everyone will give the same answer, the Quran. And if you ask those Hindu boys, "what is the name of your scriptures"? The answer will come in ten types. Some will say Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana etc.  If you ask these Muslim boys again, "can you all enter the mosque"? The answer will come, of course. If the same question is asked to those Hindu boys, can you all enter the temple? Then they either remain silent or answer, "only Brahmins can enter".  This time caste came automatically! Due to this castism, there has been and continues to be a loss of humanity among Hindus. Humanity will not return until this caste system is removed. And until humanity returns, the literal meaning of the word Hindu must continue. If the word Hindu carries the literal meaning, he is no longer human.  Are you afraid to tell the truth or are you avoiding the truth aiming to create communal violence? Instead, let us all maintain communal harmony.  Ref: https://www.facebook.com/jhumur.roy.121398

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