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Why is alcohol forbidden in Islam?

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It seems unusual that not only large quantities but small quantities are forbidden to drink
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Mustapha Sheikh in his research paper footnotes interestingly argues the following:  "Why is khamr, especially as red wine, to be shunned by Muslims? We propose that the prohibition against wine (Q. 5.90) hinges on the role of wine in heathen/pagan worship, hence the juxtaposition of khamr with ​​​​​​​maysir (a game of chance), altars (​​​​​​​anṣāb​​​​​​​), and divining arrows (​​​​​​​azlām​​​​​​​)" (Islam, Alcohol and Identity: Towards a Critical Muslim Studies Approach, Reorient: Journal of Critical Muslim Studies, p. 209)

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