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Did the Prophet Muhammed recommend the drinking of camel urine?

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In a Nutshell: The wording regarding camel urine in some hadith is not the Prophet's words (شرب أبوال الإبل) but the wording of the narrator.

There are authentic ahadith which mention some people got sick and asked the Prophet (saw) for advice. He told them to go and: "فشربتم من ألبانها" drink camel milk.

One of the narrations adds "and their urine". This additional wording is from the narrator and not the wording of the Prophet. The Prophet only advised them to drink camel milk.

Al-Nasai has an entire chapter on this in his Sunan. It was narrated Anas said:

"Some people from Uraynah came to the Messenger of Allah (saw), but the climate of Al-Madinah did not suit them. The Messenger (saw) said to them: 'Why don't you go out to our camels and drink their milk?'" The narrator Qatadah added the wording regarding urine.

Abu Dawud in his Sunnan narrates hadith without this additional wording stating this wording regarding urine was not uttered by the Prophet (saw).

Ibn Hajar and Khatib al-Baghdadi also note all narrations cite the drinking of milk. One cites Abu Qatadah as adding this wording.

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