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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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Dr Yasir Qadhi was asked this question on Twitter which he avoided answering creating controversy as he was criticised for it. Imagine asking a scholar about a battered wife, 'If you were her husband, what would you do?' and he answered, 'I fear Allah and would not marry in case he questioned me on the day of judgement!'

How would you help the Muslims (ummah) if you ruled Saudi Arabia?

I would however suggest the following in reply to such a question - they are immediately top of the head, in no particular order, without any research so as not to have an unfair advantage over him:

1. Resuming Islam by establishing the khilafah via bayah of the elites (mala'un)
2. Establish and correct institutions of state (close casinos, bars, usurious institutions, implement constitution of Hizb ut-Tahrir, convert treasury to bayt al mal, appoint viziers, walis over the provinces, majlis al-ummah, qadhis, replace flags with that of the messenger, new school curriculae etc)
3. Seek unity of the Muslim world through abolition of borders, diplomatic activity with other Muslim countries, groups and movements, starting within the gulf and working outwards - through diplomacy seek immediate protection and amelioration of Muslims oppressed around the world with rising Islamophobia
4. Expel foreign interests at odds with us, esp UK, France, Americans, Russians etc including embassies, companies and NGOs
5. Encourage circulation of wealth and banning of hoarding - send wealth out to support the most impoverished of Muslims in Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Burma, Bangladesh etc
6. Strip society of nationalism, secularism, consumerism, capitalism etc and nationalist symbols of state - all Muslims can be members of the state. Allow migration from across the Muslim world to dar al-Islam.
7. Abolishing internal intelligence apparatus that spy, harass and torture the ummah, free political prisoners and any held in violation of the sharia
8. Encourage cooperation and collaboration across society to displace competition and self-interest
9. Recenter familial and clan structures and faith communities in social formation, delegating authority to head of families
10. Abolish oppressive taxes that are not sanctioned by shar'a, encourage repatriation of funds, cancel debt, liquidate investments abroad and institute bimetallic currency as currency of state
11. Train all adult male members as part of militarising society to be ready for jihad. Create a domestic war based military economy and break dependencies on foreign powers. Seek to liberate Palestine, Uighurs, Kashmir, Burma, India etc

I would expect some of the above from him. Even others in the ummah I asked on my wall came up with better - here's a couple of good examples:

"In no particular order:
- Bring in all the leaders of the Muslim world,
- Set up a justice system across the board,
- Encourage the removal of hard borders,
- Step out of the monetary system
- Reintroduce the history of Islam the Saudis have tried to rid,
- Get rid of Dajjal palace,
- Get the militaries of all the Muslim countries to conform as one,
- Get rid of anything anti Islam,
- Set up law according to Quran and sunnah,
- Reestablish farming rather than the factory farming of today,
- Distribute the states wealth accordingly,
- Reestablish the Islamic educational system
- Rename Hijaz.
- Take the wealth of the Saudi royals and give them sufficient means.
- Get rid of the Clock Tower.After the above has been strategically placed or executed, then tell the non-Muslim world if one hair of a Muslim sister or brother is touched in their lands, we would exercise full military force to seek justice.
Also if the non-Muslim world indiscriminately oppressed anyone be they Muslim or not they also would become our enemies."
Mohammed Shamoon

"1. Liquidise all assets that are utterly pointless I.e. palaces, or recreation for better use necessary for public betterment.
2. Give a middle finger to all loans and current financial and economic models. This includes membership of IMF & UN. All consulates and western expats to be dealt with appropriately according to response.
3. Revoke citizenship requirements for Muslims. Shahadah is your only requirement.
4. Implementation of Zakah as part of a new plan.
5. Call on Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey and other major powers to form a single Muslim polity Caliphate and share military power.
6. Anybody who refuses the Caliphate concept shall be neutralized appropriately.
7. If I'm successful in calling the Caliphate to existence, start mending relations with Yemen.
8. Start on Israel and India. These will expose the hypocrites in Muslim disguise and they'll be easier to take out.
General thought is to set up a homeland for all Muslims. The oppressed have somewhere to flee and call home. Then to simultaneously fund these operations by liquidity of palaces or turning them to better use. Palaces could be used as shelter for homeless. I only need one car, so my car garages could be used for those who need a car.
Then we will meet resistance internally from Muslim heads of state. Initially they could be governates of the caliphate but a call to a single unified Islamic governance is compulsory. If there is resistance, there'll be ridda wars on a new scale. Once there's some unity and the constraints of the IMF and UN are gone, then we take Palestinian and Kashmir causes. We bargain with China for the Uighurs' freedom. If no, we fight.
Allah knows best and I know my plan isn't waterproof."
James Kirk

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