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What to do when you need influentials but Allah asks you condemn their projects, businesses, families or countries?

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Ibn Kathir in his Sira al-Nabawiyya cites a passage that is quite relevant:

"When Abu Talib and Khadija died, five days apart, the messenger suffered two tragedies together. He kept to his house and rarely went out. Quraysh treated him worse than they would have ever intended before.

News of this reached Abu Lahab, who came to him and said, 'Oh Muhammad, pass on freely as you want. Do whatever you did when Abu Talib was alive. No, by al-Lat, I swear no harm will befall you before I die.'

Ibn al-Ghaymla insulted the Messenger of Allah (saw), and so Abu Lahab went to him and punished him and he went off yelling, 'Oh tribe of Quraysh, Abu 'Utba has become a Sabian!'

Quraysh men then came and stood before Abu Lahab. He told them, 'I have not left the faith of 'Abd al-Muttalib. But I will prevent my nephew from being harmed and ensure his own freedom of action.'

They commented, 'You have done well and right, and maintained your family ties.'

The Messenger of Allah (saw) thereafter spent a period of some days coming and going without interference from Quraysh who respected Aba Lahab. But eventually Waba b. Abu Mu'ayt and Abu Jahl went to Ahu Lahab and asked

him, 'Has your nephew told you where your father has been sent?'

Abu Lahab then asked him, 'Muhammad, where has 'Abd al-Muttalib been sent?' He replied, 'With his people.' So Abu Lahab went out to 'Uqba and Aba Jahl and told them, 'I did ask him. And he replied, "With his people."

The two men commented, 'Well, he's claiming that he is in hell-fire then!'

Abu Lahab then asked him, 'Muhammad, is 'Abd al-Muttalib in the fire?' The Messenger of God (saw) replied, 'Whoever dies in the state 'Abd al-Muttalib was in does go into hell-fire.'

Abu Lahab - God curse him - then announced, 'By God, I shall always be your enemy for your claiming that 'Abd al-Muttalib is in the fire!'

At that Abu Lahab and the rest of Quraysh intensified their attacks upon him." (Ibn Kathir in his Sira al-Nabawiyya, Vol. 2, p. 99)

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