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Does Islam permit Sultans?

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3 Answers
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Islam not only permits Sultans, Imams or Caliphs
, it obliges Muslims to appoint them to mange their collective affairs. The term Sultan has been used interchangeably with Imams and Caliphs
. Many traditions use the term Sultan. Some examples are listed below: إن السلطانظل اللهفي الأرض يأوي إليه كلمظلوم من عباده فإن... Show more >>

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Islam is religion of peace. Islam has nothing to do with way of government or its shape and style. Islam doesn't say at all that Muslims should have a Sultan or a democratically elected Prime Minister. Islam preaches discipline.   In ancient times, the head of government was called by the name of Khalifa, Shah or... Show more >>

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أ don't think quora a good place to know about Islamic religion because all the answers are from people who don't know a worthy amount of information about their religion . If you want truly information you could watch a tv channel called iqraa or call them or read books for Islamic men's like Mohamed Metwaly Al... Show more >>

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