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What tips can you give for effective dawa?

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Many Muslims especially in the West have become satisfied with discussing Islamic ideas as a simple comparison to how things are done in the west and what Islam says as an alternative.

So they would explain how the west has democracy where sovereignty belongs to the people and in Islam sovereignty belongs to Allah swt and shariah is applied .

Or that Islam has a gold standard monetary system and the west has fiat.

Or that men have to provide nafaqah for their wives , whilst there exists no such injunction in the West

Whats wrong with this you may ask? Surely that is useful for Muslims, if highlighting these things educates Muslims and makes them more confident about Islam it should be encouraged.

To judge the success of any action you have to compare it against the goal you set for undertaking the action. For those dawah carriers that are working for resuming the Islamic way of life by re-establishing the khilafah it is clear that discussion must be deliberate and linked to bringing change into reality. Meaning discussions must have political aim not an educational one.

So you don't discuss sovereignty belongs to Allah swt to inform people of the concept, rather you link it to for example democracy in Pakistan (or Turkey, a real political scenario) and how that system must be changed and this is the replacement.

Or the obligation on Muslim men to provide nafaqah for their families not just as preaching and teaching but to link to the prevailing economic conditions that hinder them from doing this adequately and what change needs to be initiated in society.

Or to expose hypocrisy of Western leaders not as a point in itself but how the Muslim rulers allow it to the detriment of Muslims.

The approach taken must have the aim of political change in the Muslim ummah. Change can not occur unless the dawah is carried politically .

Some can not see the distinction. If we discuss an Islamic concepts in comparison to the west surely that will build some understanding. What's wrong with that ?

The problem is that discussion like this will be viewed in an academic manner, nice idea in theory. If your aim is to be an information service or an academic then that is fine but we need to realise what we are aiming at. If you area aiming to change the reality of the ummah and restore Islam, this approach is woefully inadequate.

Academic discussions in the context of reviving the ummah have a miniscule effect if any effect at all to reviving the ummah. As does ottoman nostalgia, courses about usul or other aspects.

Don't get me wrong they have a place in a particular context but for reviving the ummah the discussion must centre on practical realities faced by people. The context of the discussion must insist that we as an ummah need to change the prevailing thought in order to bring Islam .

Dawah for Islamic revival is not to inform/educate people or to give them a sense of nostalgia for Islam but to move them for political change.

We must link discussions to real political realities and practical work for change. The aim of discussions must be for the application Islam not for mere information about Islam.

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