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Is the greatest affair which Allah has commanded that of Tawhid?

6 Answers
6 Answers
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I would disagree with this fundamental premise. It is incorrect.  The greatest affair is surely the imperative "think!" - why would we claim it was tawhid?  The incident in the cave hira at commencement of revelation is steeped in the necessity of reflection - from the first word, "iqra" to the... Show more >>

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Genuine tawhid begins after the cessation of thinking. Indeed, genuine reflection begins after the end of thinking. But who can escape the endless deluge of thoughts? We don't think thoughts; they come to us. The beginning of the West's afflictions (not necessarily the cause though) is Descartes "I think therefore I am". Show more >>

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The point is whether contemplation was the starting point of the call of all Prophets. The Qur'an is replete with examples of the Prophets' call and in most, if not all, cases there is no mention of contemplation before Tawhid. Let us consider the following verses: 1. 16:36 And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger... Show more >>

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Thinking which the Qur'an recommends is not noncategorical; it is bound to caveats and restrictions. It is a slave to Creed and Belief. Independent and Free Thinking per se is NOT a Qur'anic endorsement, Thinking which somehow helps to confirm Religion through a dose of Rationality is. It is FAITH the highest Qur'anic Virtue... Show more >>

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The address of revelation is to all humanity and not specific to the prophet(saw). The first command to the Prophet (saw) was to read, to interpret. The Prophet asked, "How should I read?" The angel replied, "Read, read in the Name of God..." The key to understanding the cosmos is to read it like a book. There are only... Show more >>

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The question is wrong.  Tawheed is not just about uttering the words of La Ilaha Illa Allah, or speaking about some practices that negate Tawheed... It's about making the Kalimah the highest; superior to all other ways of life and man-made laws; preserving it;  and implementing what it entails... And this is exactly... Show more >>

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