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Is it practical to judge something as haram or halal before undertaking every action we do?

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Some people say it's impractical to judge between haram and halal before undertaking every action we do. But that's because we live in a society where we are immersed in a place where such a criterion isn't the reference to our actions. Rather, we live in a secular society where the philosophy of Jeremy Benthem is championed, where benefit and harm become the deciding factor between right and wrong. Thus is it any surprise Muslims today say it's impractical for us to judge between haram and halal before we undertake an action?  Allah didn't send down a deen that is impractical. Rather he sent down a deen as a practical way of life compared to any other. A way of life that is regulated to ensure order and justice. It doesn't let our whims and desires dictate to us what is right and wrong. For such criterion can lead to subjectivity which will lead to an inconsistency on what one person regards as right as opposed to someone else.  So, the fault doesn't lie in the deen. Never make that mistake. The fault lies in the people who have abandoned the implementation of this deen. Thus, it's difficult to abide by the deen. You may say, well if the deen is so perfect, why did a situation ever occur where the deen was made absent from society? Again, this has been addressed by the deen. People will turn away from the message of God, this has happened countless occasions before. A testament to the truth of this deen, is that it didn't make any false promises. It didn't say everything will be honky dory all the time. If it did, then you would know that the deen is false because it made false promises. But it didn't. It said there will come a time, where holding onto the deen is like holding onto hot coal. The reward during which time will be the equivalence to 50 sahabah doing a good deed. This illustrates the severity of abiding by the deen, i.e. it will be tough.  But saying the deen is impractical just shows that you've misconstrued what Islam said was going to be tough as impractical. That's not a reflection of the deen's inaccuracy of describing the times we're living in. It's merely a reflection of your weakness. So, strengthen up!

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