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Can you clarify the marriage between Aisha and the Prophet Muhammed?

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1) I wanted to know if it is correct to understand the "consummation" of the marriage of Aisha and the Prophet only as a sexual act (sex)?
Or are there other options for understanding from the point of view of the Arabic language and Islamic scholars?

Could it be that consummation in their case was not a sexual act, but something else? Is there any evidence for this?
There was something on this topic here:


But maybe you will expand on this topic in more detail.

2) Is it true that Ibn Saad in Tabakat wrote that Aisha was 9 years old at the time of the engagement, and 12 years old at the time of consummation? Similar things are written about Ibn Hillikan.
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Bis millah hir rahman ir raheem  1) First thing is that the marriage of prophet and hazrat aysha ra was decided by Allah himself.Prophet Muhammed SAW claims that he never did marriage on his own will or on his own wish he only married where he was commanded by ALLAH   THE prophet PBUH used to treat hazrat aysha ra very gently and softly due to her small age and only in order to full fill the love and the islmic shariya rule he (SAW) had to intercourse wid hazrat ayesha ra(IN THE GENTLE AND TRANQUILITY MANNER)

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