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Was the prophet Muhammed forgiving of all those who insulted him?

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There are a number of examples of the prophet (saw) ordering the killing of those who insulted him as well as texts where he forgave too.

Here's an overview where he ordered killings with references cited:

Whilst many incidents appear in the sirah books and are not authenticated, one has to consider the issue more carefully. For instance the story where the prophet (saw) had rubbish thrown at him by an old lady whom he forgave, is not recorded in any authentic collection of hadith - appearing only in the books of seerah.

All these instances of punishing some can't just be dismissed as they form a large part of the body of evidence. Their weighting of some is reduced where their chains are weak, but then when the number and volume of evidence becomes so overwhelming on an issue, the chains start becoming immaterial - as in the case of tawatur narrations.

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